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Wonders of the Nile Valley and Red Sea

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An Epic Journey Through Egypt's Rich History and Natural Beauty




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Arrival to Cairo

Upon your arrival in the lively metropolis of Cairo, our airport liaison will extend a gracious welcome and offer aid with your airport conveyance to your opulent 5-star accommodation, where your premium room awaits. Take a moment to relax and settle in before commencing on an enchanting expedition through the alluring realm of ancient marvels.



Giza Pyramids & Sphinx
Start the day with a visit to the iconic Pyramids of Giza, including the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khafre, and Pyramid of Menkaure. Marvel at the architectural brilliance of these ancient structures and learn about their historical significance from our expert guide. Continue your journey to the Sakkara, the ancient necropolis where you will encounter the Step Pyramid of king Djoser, the oldest pyramid in the world! Lunch will be served during the tour in a local restaurant. (B, L)


Egyptian museum & Old City

Prepare yourself for a morning of wondrous explorations at the illustrious Egyptian Museum, where you will immerse yourself in a diverse array of antiquities, including the renowned treasures of Tutankhamun. Following this enlightening journey, delight in a delectable lunch at a nearby eatery before venturing to the Citadel of Salah Eldin, a spectacular complex encompassing the revered Alabaster Mosque. Conclude the day with a visit to the captivating Khan Elkhalili Bazaar, a bustling marketplace brimming with vibrant mementos. (B, L)



Abu Simbel

At the break of dawn, you will be transferred to Cairo International Airport for your flight to Abu Simbel via Aswan. Our representative will be eagerly awaiting your arrival, ready to escort you to the ancient temples and introduce you to your knowledgeable guide. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic complexity of these temples as your guide delves into their history, construction, and relocation. Following the explanation, take some time to wander through the temples at your leisure. Afterwards, you will be transported back to Abu Simbel airport for a brief flight to Aswan.

Upon landing at Aswan airport, you will be greeted by our Aswan representative. who will escort you to your first-class hotel for check-in. The evening presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the nearby Aswan Bazaar, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and indulge in some shopping. (B)



Aswan tour

Indulge in a serene morning aboard a traditional Felucca as it sails along the majestic Nile, soaking in the enchanting views before bidding farewell to your hotel. Your next destination: a Premium Deluxe Nile cruiser, where you will embark upon a journey of indulgence. Savor a delectable lunch on board before setting off to explore the marvels of Aswan’s High Dam. This engineering marvel, completed in the 20th century, revolutionized the lives of Egyptians. As you take in the grandeur of the Dam, prepare to be mesmerized by the splendor of the temples of Isis at Philae. This magnificent structure is a testament to the goddess of love and beauty, a fitting tribute to her timeless allure. (B, L, D)



Nubian Village & Komobo

Early this morning, we will embark on a motorboat journey to the Nubian Village, situated on the western bank of the River Nile. The city of Aswan has a vibrant community of Nubians, who have distinct aspects of culture and lifestyle. By immersing ourselves in one of their humble abodes for a refreshing cup of tea, we can gain intimate insight into their way of life and delve into their rich traditions, language, and history. As the sun begins its descent, we will return to the cruise ship for a delectable lunch and set sail towards Komombo. In the late afternoon, upon reaching our destination, we will explore the magnificent temple standing tall above the River Nile, devoted to the revered deities of Horus the falcon and Sobek the crocodile. After this enlightening excursion, we will resume our journey and head towards Edfu. As the evening approaches, a sumptuous dinner will be served on board the elegant cruise ship. (B, L, D)



Edfu and Luxor East Bank

In the dawn, you shall encounter the most flawless and impeccably preserved sanctuary in Egypt, accompanied by magnificent granite figurines of the hawk-like deity Horus. The carvings that adorn the walls, pillars, and entrances of this Ptolemaic temple serve as a highly significant source of knowledge regarding the religious and political convictions of ancient Egypt. Among them, the most intriguing are those depicting the tale of Horus avenging the assassination of his father, Osiris, an event commemorated annually within the temple. Other carvings chronicle the stages of the temple’s construction and reveal the dates of various architectural elements’ completion. Following the temple excursion, reconvene on the cruise for a delectable lunch and a leisurely sail to Luxor.
Upon arriving in Luxor later in the day, visit Karnak and Luxor Temples, two of Egypt’s most captivating historical sites. Erected over 3,000 years ago, the Karnak Temple stands as the largest ancient place of worship globally, dedicated to the veneration of Amun and serving as the most significant sanctuary of ancient Egypt. It was constructed over numerous centuries by successive pharaohs and was continuously expanded by each one, resulting in a labyrinthine structure that inspires awe. Meanwhile, the Luxor Temple, built around 1,400 BC, is devoted to Amun’s consort Mut and their son Khonsu. It served both religious and political purposes and served as the site for several festivals and ceremonies (B, L, D)



Luxor West Bank & Hurghada
Experience the morning vista as you disembark from the cruise, and embark on a tour of the renowned sites on the western bank of the Nile River. Revel in the splendor of the Valley of the Kings, an arresting location nestled on the west bank of the regal Nile River in Luxor, Egypt. The valley harbors the tombs of numerous esteemed pharaohs and their kin, including the famed Tutankhamun. Serving as the final resting place for ancient Egyptian rulers of the 18th to the 20th dynasties, the Valley is replete with opulent tombs brimming with treasures and artifacts to accompany the pharaohs to the afterlife. Enchanting wall paintings and hieroglyphics adorning the tombs narrate the tales of the pharaohs’ lives and their journey to the afterworld. 
Honoring one of the most dominant female pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the Temple of Queen Hatchepsut stands as a marvel of ancient Egyptian architecture. Hatchepsut, known for her ambitious construction endeavors and triumphant military campaigns, is commemorated through this temple that highlights her might and influence.
The colossal statues of Memnon, guarding the entrance of the memorial temple of Amenhotep III, stand tall and proud in the Theban Necropolis for over 3,000 years. Constructed from a single piece of sandstone, these statues tower at an astonishing 60 feet. In times past, the statues were shrouded in an air of mystique for their strange sounds at sunrise, believed to be the voice of Memnon. After immersing yourself in the wonders of the West Bank, journey to Hurghada (approximately 4 hours’ drive), where you will check-in to your deluxe hotel. Savor a delectable dinner at the resort. (B, L, D)


Dolphin Cruise

Following a satisfying morning meal at the premium resort, embark on an adventure to explore the breathtaking wonders of the Red Sea. Let yourself be whisked away on a dolphin sightseeing cruise, where you will glide through pristine azure waters and have the chance to witness playful pods of these charming creatures frolicking alongside your boat. Renowned for their lively acrobatics and inquisitive demeanor, these intelligent creatures may even invite you to join in on their underwater fun.  The remainder of the day is yours to revel in the resort’s private beach. As the night descends, indulge in a sumptuous dinner served within the resort’s premises. (B, L, D)



Bedouin Safari and camel ride
Embrace the tranquility of the resort’s private beach for the morning, Later in the efternoon expand your horizons as we embark on a journey to a Bedouin camp, where you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride a camel through the vast expanse of the Eastern Sahara. Delight in a traditional Bedouin light meal as you learn about their resilient way of life in the harsh desert conditions. Get up close and personal with the majestic camels, who are known to be man’s best friend in this unique cultural experience. A delightful dinner will be served within the luxurious confines of the resort. (B, L, D)



At the appropriate moment for your departure, you will be conveyed to Hurghada airport for your subsequent journey back home.