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The city of peace Sharm Elsheikh

Guests have the opportunity to partake in a plethora of pursuits, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and venturing on desert safaris. Immerse yourself in the wondrous sights of Ras Mohammed National Park, Naama Bay, and the majestic Sinai Peninsula.

Explore Beautiful Places in Sharm

Ras Mohamed

This marine protected area is a haven for underwater enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike.

Mount Sinai

One of the world's earliest monasteries, and the ten commandments.

Located on the southern shoreline of the Sinai Peninsula lies Sharm El Sheikh, a highly sought-after tourist spot renowned for its immaculate waters, picturesque beaches, and a plethora of exhilarating outdoor pursuits.

History of Sharm El Sheikh

The city boasts a captivating and intricate history, spanning millennia. Known as the “City of Peace” to the ancient Egyptians, Sharm El Sheikh held a sacred significance in their beliefs. Along with its spiritual importance, the city also served as a bustling trading hub for Bedouin tribes and a key stopover for pilgrims on their journey to Mecca. Exploiting its advantageous location, the Ottoman Empire utilized Sharm El Sheikh as a military base. However, in the 20th century, the city’s alluring beaches, crystal-clear waters, and year-round sunshine attracted droves of European tourists, making it a coveted destination. Today, Sharm El Sheikh remains a top choice for travelers, with its natural splendor, rich cultural heritage, and luxurious resorts drawing in millions of visitors annually.


Activities in Sharm Elsheikh

Sharm El Sheikh boasts an abundance of exhilarating pursuits for intrepid travelers, particularly those who revel in outdoor escapades. This beguiling city offers an array of captivating attractions and activities. One of the top-rated adventures in Sharm El Sheikh is undoubtedly scuba diving. The crystalline waters that surround the city provide the perfect setting for exploring the ocean’s depths. With the guidance of seasoned professionals, you can even attain mastery of this aquatic skill through a diving course. Equally alluring to visitors is the opportunity to snorkel amidst the diverse coral reefs that dot the area. Immerse yourself in the underwater wonders as you glide through the Red Sea on a boat excursion. Craving terrestrial thrills? A camel trek through the breathtaking desert terrain is a must-do. And for the adventurously inclined, a quad bike ride through the Sinai desert is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Nature enthusiasts can revel in the awe-inspiring vistas and animal sightings at Ras Mohammed National Park. Finally, take time to unwind on one of the magnificent beaches in Sharm El Sheikh. With public beaches aplenty, and many hotels boasting private ones, relaxation is never in short supply.

Landmarks to visit from Sharm El Sheikh

The foremost attraction in Sharm El Sheikh is the Ras Mohammed National Park, known for its exquisite coral reefs, diverse marine life, and awe-inspiring hiking trails. Another must-see landmark is the Nabq Protected Area, encompassing over 600 square kilometers and boasting a diverse range of habitats housing a plethora of bird, reptile, and mammal species. For those with an interest in history, the Old Market is a must-visit destination. This traditional marketplace is renowned for its vibrant array of shops, traditional handicrafts, and delectable street food. Other popular landmarks to include in your itinerary are the timeless Saint Catherine’s Monastery, the Al Mustafa Mosque, and the scenic Red Canyon. Each of these renowned attractions provides an unparalleled and unforgettable experience, making them essential stops during your trip to Sharm El Sheikh.

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