Way To Egypt

Western Desert

The often overlooked Western Desert The Western Desert is a vast and expansive region of Egypt that is home to some of the country’s most breathtaking hidden gems. From ancient temples and tombs to natural wonders and remote oases. Explore Beautiful Places in the Western Desert The White Desert A mesmerizing landscape that seems almost […]


Land of faiths Sinai Sinai Peninsula is a realm shrouded in enigma and oozing with allure. A space where the ancient and the modern converge, where the cultural practices of the Bedouins and the Islamic heritage coalesce effortlessly with the mesmerizing natural splendor of mountains, coastlines, and arid landscapes. Explore Beautiful Places in Sinai Colored […]

Sharm Elsheikh

The city of peace Sharm Elsheikh Guests have the opportunity to partake in a plethora of pursuits, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and venturing on desert safaris. Immerse yourself in the wondrous sights of Ras Mohammed National Park, Naama Bay, and the majestic Sinai Peninsula. Explore Beautiful Places in Sharm Ras Mohamed This marine protected area […]


World’s largest open air museum Luxor Nestled in the heart of Southern Egypt.  Formerly known as Thebes, once reigned supreme as the capital of ancient Egypt, bearing witness to the construction of awe-inspiring temples and monuments, spanning back millennia. Explore Beautiful Places in Luxor Temples of Karnak The largest religious edifice ever erected on this […]


The capital of the Red Sea Hurghada Situated on the picturesque coast of Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate, holds the distinction of being the foremost city and official capital of said region.  Explore Beautiful Places in Hurghada Orange Island Indulge in the crystalline waterscape, creating indelible memories while partaking in a captivating experience of swimming and […]


Bride of the Mediterranean Alexandria Perched on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the northern region of Egypt lies the enchanting city of Alexandria. Founded by Alexander the Great himself. Exuding a vibrant cultural flair, triking architecture, picturesque beaches, and a thriving arts scene Explore Beautiful Places in Alexandria Alexandria Library Once was one […]


The Egyptian Capital Cairo Cairo is a melting pot of ancient wonders and modern marvels, offering visitors a unique blend of past and present. Explore Beautiful Places in Cairo Giza Pyramids & Sphinx A surviving Wonder of the ancient world View Tour Mohamed Ali Mosque Also referred to as the Alabaster Mosque, stands as a […]


The Jewel of Nubia Aswan Located in the southern frontier of Ancient Egypt, Aswan was once known as Swenett, and later as Syene. Its origin is said to stem from an ancient Egyptian deity bearing the same moniker. Explore Beautiful Places in Aswan Abu Simbel A miracle of construction and relocation. Learn more Philae temples […]